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We are an independent, non-profit think tank dedicated to promoting democratic values in European societies and beyond.  We develop and implement civic education programmes. We advise municipalities and their public administrations in the context of “Open Government”. We participate in national and international research and innovation programmes in the context of eGovernment and eParticipation. We analyse public policies and provide consultancy services in the areas of development cooperation, European politics as well as national and European migration policies.

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Civic Education

Learner-centred civic education is core to our educational services. Our students learn how our democratic system is set up and how democratic decisions come about. Our interactive seminars employ simulation games and role-plays and combine online and offline methodologies in order to raise enthusiasm for political processes among pupils, university students and teachers. 

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Innovation Management

We offer consulting for municipalities that seek to improve their services by using modern communication technologies and data analysis. We model business processes and integrate new approaches in traditional bureaucratic procedures in order to broaden the administration’s information base and to shorten communication channels.

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