Seminar und Planspiel zur Europäischen Asylpolitik

Europer - European Perspectives on Asylum Policy

Project Days with Simulation on EU Asylum Policy

The project EUROPER III – European Perspectives on Asylum Policy comprises two project days and covers topics related to asylum in Europe as well as the political decision-making process on the European level. The project is conducted in partnership between EUROSOC#DIGITAL and GEKO Gesellschaft für Europa- und Kommunalpolitik e.V.

Since the number of people seeking asylum in Europe has risen dramatically in the last years, refugees and asylum policies are no abstract concepts anymore and instead directly affect citizens’ daily lives. Similarly, European asylum policies are regularly discussed and reported on in the media while being highly contested. The EUROPER project days take up these topics and provide an opportunity for pupils to question current asylum policies and to gain knowledge on the decision-making processes in the European Union.

Participation is possible for schools with around 70 pupils from the ninth grade onwards. The project days are moderated by around three to four seminar facilitators.

Interested teachers can access further information and details on the organization of the project days via our teacher’s corner (in German).

Target group

Pupils from the 9th grade onwards


Understanding political decision-making processes
Strengthening negotiation skills
Gaining insights into topics related to asylum


September 2016 to August 2017, September 2017 to August 2018 and September 2018 to August 2019


East German federal states


Two-day project days with simulation game


Erasmus+ Youth in Action


GEKO Gesellschaft für Europa- und Kommunalpolitik e.V.


Mareike Meyer
+49 30 2023-9615-0

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