#FutureLabEU II


EUROSOC#DIGITAL is carrying out future workshops on youth in Europe at vocational schools throughout Germany as part of #FutureLabEU II. The concept was developed in a previous project, tested and evaluated very positively. The measure is financed by Erasmus + Jugend in Aktion and is free of charge for the schools.

The aim of the workshops is that the pupils should deal with the future of Europe and above all with the long-term challenges of (youth in) city and country. Among other things, demographic change, the future of work, infrastructure, digitisation and climate change will be addressed.

Following the Future Workshops on Youth in Europe, there will be a discussion with political decision-makers in which the participants will be challenged to share, debate and reflect on their acquired knowledge and visions with the political guests.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding content:

Katharina Sewening ksewening@eurosoc-digital.org, Tel. 030-20239615-0

Please contact us for appointment arrangements:

Felicitas Klemp, fklemp@eurosoc-digital.org

Target groups

Pupils from vocational education


Getting to know new and innovative methods to teach European Politics. The projects highlight the future viability of Europe Union, its elementary important for the stability of the European society, its significant in the context of climate change and sustainability, and its relevance as a driver for technological innovation.


August 2019 until July 2020




Future workshops


Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion

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