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Monitoring Database

Economic cooperation projects funded by the European Commission are visited by externally educated reviewers and are monitored according to a standardized process. EUROSOC#DIGITAL is equipped with a wide-spread network of EU reviewers.

The main objective is to improve project results with precisely fitting recommendations and the detection of possible weaknesses.

In total, already 75 reviews in 25 countries have been conducted by experts of the EUROSOC#DIGITAL network. The reviewers visit the project on site and examine all project components. Moreover, interviews with all crucial project participants and target groups are carried out. The assessment methodology consists of six criteria according to the OECD evaluations standards:

·      Relevance of the project objectives
·      Project design
·      Efficacy
·      Effectivity
·      Impact
·      Sustainability

EUROSOC#DIGITAL provides monitoring experts to its clients on schedule. The experts are highly experienced and have received excellent references from international clients.

Target Group

Organizations and public institutions


Collection and transfer of knowledge
Evaluation of project performance data
Design and operation of project contents


January 2013 to July 2015

Project Volume

50.000 €


Frankfurt (DE), Ankara (TR)


Business process modelling, training, ontology development for data sets


European Commission – DG Enlargment




Harald Keuchel
+49 30 202 396 150

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