Simulation game on biodiversity

Simulation game for the Schatzküste

Development and Testing of a simulation game on biodiversity

The Federal Programme on Biological Diversity supports 30 projects in so-called biodiversity hotspots throughout Germany. One of these hotspots is located in northern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the region of Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and Rostocker Heide (Hotspot 29). The six-year joint project Schatz an der Küste with the Ostseestiftung as lead partner tries to reduce conflicts of use between tourism, nature conservation, agriculture and forestry and to educate guests and the population about the biological diversity of the region. One means for this is the software-supported simulation game - "Schatz.Land.Küste."

In the simulation game "Schatz.Land.Küste" the participants take on the roles of interest groups of the region and negotiate different points of contention concerning the use of the Bodden waters and the adjacent polders. A special feature of the game is that there are two time phases: one past and one present. In this way, the consequences of political decisions and human actions are made clear to the participants. For better visualization, there is also a software that visualizes the effects of decisions on the environment (see pictures below). The overall objective is to explain what biodiversity is and why it is important for all of us.

The simulation games - Landscape Bodden and Landscape Coastal Floodplains - were tested with different young people and young adults from the region. We have also conducted training sessions to inform multipliers about the region and the implementation of the game. Those who are interested in the results of the project can find the materials in this toolbox. Please contact Ms. Reese from the Ostseestiftung for the game kits.


Target groups

young adults
multipliers, trainers, educators and teachers


sensitize young people for biodiversity
experience the complex interests in the hotspot 29
understanding the consequences of political decisions and our actions


December 2017 bis December 2018




software-supported simulation games
training seminars


Naturschutzstiftung Deutsche Ostsee OSTSEESTIFTUNG


Katharina Sewening

Insights into the software

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