European Competence for Trainees

Skills#EU accompanies and supports trainees and apprentices who are gaining new experiences in a foreign country as part of an Erasmus Plus mobility project.

Within the context of Erasmus Plus, the European Commission promotes mobility projects for trainees. These learning experiences make it possible for young Europeans between 18 and 25 to live and work in a foreign European country for weeks or months - whether as part of an organised internship, their vocational education or an advanced training program. Not only do these projects spark curiosity and enthusiasm for the host country. The young adults also gain a European perspective both for their professional and personal life.

Skills#EU wants to support the trainees during their stay abroad. In informal educational programmes the participants deal with the social, political and cultural context of their host country and Europe in general – an element that is mostly ignored before and during mobility projects for trainees. Moreover, Skills#EU supports the trainees’ supervisors by introducing them to methods and strategies for the preparation of learning experiences abroad.

Skills#EU consists of several project stages. After conducting a study that analyses the missing components of educational support during the mobility project, the results are presented to supervisors in the host countries. Opportunities and possibilities are discussed as to how the missing elements can be implemented in educational offerings for the trainees. New methods for these elements will be developed, and a newly established online portal serves as a central information and contact point for both supervisors and trainees.


Auszubildende und ihre Betreuer*innen


Europäisches Bewusstsein schaffen Auszubildende vorbereiten und begleiten Betreuer*innen schulen


Januar 2016 bis Dezember 2017




Studie, Workshops, Online-Portal


Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion


IHK Projektgesellschaft (DE), FOYLE International (UK), ALFMED (FR), Verein Auxilium (AT), Hermes Corporation LTD (MT)

Project website


Dr. Laszlo-Zoltan Kovats
+49 30 202 396 150

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