Project days with simulation game on European climate policy

This EUPERCLIP platform serves to provide information about the contents and the organization of the EUPERCLIP project days.

The project EUPERCLIP - European Perspectives on Climate Protection consists of two consecutive project days with an introduction to the topic of climate change and its causes and effects as well as the political decision-making processes on a European level. The project is carried out in a project partnership between EUROSOC#DIGITAL and GEKO Gesellschaft für Europa- und Kommunalpolitik.

At present, the "Fridays for future" demonstrations by schoolchildren worldwide, but also the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change, even in our country, are putting the topic of climate protection on the political agenda. This is linked to a public controversy that oscillates between denial ("It's all just weather") and vocal protests against global economic policy. At present, there is hardly any common understanding on a political level about the current situation, let alone about the need for action. The project days take up these topics and offer the students the opportunity to question the current climate policy on the European and local levels and to understand the decision-making processes in the EU.

The first project day provides students with basic information on climate change and the institutions and legislative process of the European Union through introductory presentations, working groups, and a discussion with political decision-makers. This allows politicians and students to exchange ideas about the results of the day and discuss questions about climate policy.

On the second day of the project, the students apply the knowledge they have acquired in practice in the form of a simulation game and negotiate the future of European climate policy as members of the European Parliament and as ministers in the Council of the European Union. The main focus of the simulation game is the active experience and implementation of theoretical political knowledge with the aim of sustainable knowledge acquisition.

Schools with around 80 students from the 9th grade can participate in the two-day project. The project days are led by speakers for the working groups, a moderator for the discussion with the decision-makers, and game leaders for the simulation game. As soon as all learning materials have been developed, they will be available in the EUPERCLIP toolbox.

Target group

Pupils from the 9th grade onwards


Understanding political decision-making processes
Strengthening negotiation skills
Gaining insights into topics related to climate change


September 2019 to August 2022


East German federal states


Two-day project days with simulation game


Erasmus+ Youth in Action


GEKO Gesellschaft für Europa- und Kommunalpolitik e.V.


Mareike Meyer
+49 30 2023-9615-0

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