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In democratic societies, citizens have the freedom of speech and opinion. However, the channels used are unorganized and mostly inadequate.

Therefore, the goal of Live+Gov is to create communication channels that facilitate better information exchange between citizens and governmental institutions. On the one hand, citizens profit because they can communicate their needs more directly. On the other hand, governmental institutions profit as well because they are able to adjust their actions to the actual need of their population.

The Live+Gov project is a science and innovation project in the seventh framework research programme of the EU. The Live+Gov consortium is composed of scientists and researchers of IT, software and consultancy companies which develop, supply and launch modern applications and tools. The six partners are spread across five European countries, namely Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Finland and Spain, and hence constitute a real European project.

The project generates solutions, which enable citizens to use their smartphones inform about current problems but also discuss questions of public interest with politicians and the public administration. Hereby, the project focusses mainly on new measurement data that can be collected with modern smartphones such as GPS, video and audio data. By using new analysis methods to encode this type of data, the Live+Gov application recognizes and comprehends the particular user’s context and is able to redirect his or her matter goal-oriented to the appropriate administrative agency. Subsequently, the administration’s response will be depicted on the user’s smartphone screen and thereby incorporated into the image of his or her environment. In order to protect the user’s privacy against possible abuses, appropriate anonymisation techniques for the collected data.

Target Group

Municipalities, their public administrations and civil organizations


Mobile Governance


February 2012 to January 2015


Eindhoven (NL), Utrecht (NL), Frankfurt (DE)


Research and innovation project


European Commission FP7


Universität Koblenz-Landau, CERTH, YUCAT, Mattersoft, BiscayTIK


Dr. Laszlo-Zoltan Kovats
+49 30 202 396 150

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