Analysa der Datenbank

Smart Reporting Systems

EUROSOC#DIGITAL and a team of software developers conceptualized a data base for the Turkish Ministry for Europe to manage the EU-Turkey project portfolio as a part of the EU enlargement partnership.

Project funding and project programming require digital control and evaluation mechanisms. The collection of data results in a large, increasingly vast amount of data. In order to sort and evaluate this data, necessary technology and appealing concepts are required. The main task of our service is to connect data with content and capacitate users to organize their work according to the newly obtained knowledge.

Essential components of this service are the recording of project information, the process planning and resource control of the assessor system, the evaluation of expert reports according to standardized evaluation criteria and the distribution of systematic guidance for the control and reprogramming of projects and programs.

EUROSOC#DIGITAL contributed with the conceptual model and conducted the user training of Turkish government officials.

Target Group

Organizations and public institutions


Collection and transfer of knowledge
Evaluation of project performance data
Design and operation of project contents


January 2013 to July 2015

Project Volume

50.000 €


Frankfurt, Ankara (Turkey)


Business process modelling, training, ontology development of data bases


INTEGRATION Frankfurt/ European Commission – DG Enlargement


Harald Keuchel
+49 30 202 396 150

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