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Many interests - one policy

the Common Agricultural Policy between economic, social and ecological interests

The project “Many Perspectives – One Policy” comprises two different seminar types: First, we conducted 16 project days introducing pupils to the European representation of interests. Second, we offered four trainings for teachers, teachers in training and university students with regard to European political education. Furthermore, we developed a flexible teaching module, which explains European politics using the steps of the policy cycle.

The project is co-financed by the European Commission and all events are free of charge for the participating schools and teachers.

Simulation games for pupils

In every national and international policy, many opposing interests are clashing when it comes to the reformation or the adoption of a new law package. In the special case of the upcoming negotiations on the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) after 2020, ecological, economic, societal and social interests and different perceptions on the objective of agriculture come together.

During the project days to the European representation of interests the pupils take the roles of interest group members after a short introduction to the topic. Initially, they develop a position and strategy with their fellow members within the interest group and then they come together in a common session with the other interest groups in order to negotiate. After the negotiations a thorough reflection takes place to not only discuss the simulation game, but also to get answers to the question where the law and directive initiatives come from within the EU. More information is available on the (German) factsheet.

Several of the 16 events are co-funded by the Norddeutschen Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung (NUE) and will take place in Hamburg.

Flexible teaching modules and the webpage

Europe is a complex and dynamic topic, but there is often not much time to discuss it during class. That is why we are developing a teaching module to European Policy, which transmits the starting point, the implementation and the evaluation of EU policies. The unit can be adjusted to different time frames. It is available under

 Trainings for teachers, teachers in training and university students

This part of the project is a continuation of the project Learning and Teaching Europe, through which 16 vocational trainings took place with regard to the European political education and the method Simulation Game. Furthermore, we developed material for classes. The resulting webpage for teachers is now being enlarged by many more methods.

The teacher trainings “Europe in a nutshell – the policy cycle as a guideline for European political education” are thematically related to the flexible teaching module. They are designed to be interactive and to connect theory and practice. More information is available on the (German) factsheet.


In case of interest or questions, please contact:

Katharina Sewening,, tel.+49 30 20239615-0



Target Group

Pupils from the 10th grade onwards Teachers, teachers in training and university students in general and vocational education


Getting to know new and innovative methods to teach European Politics. Experiencing a simulation game. Receiving material and support for civic education. Understanding the role of interest groups in the political system of the EU. Experiencing the complexity of agricultural policy.


August 2017 until July 2018




Simulation games One-day training including a simulation game Webpage to the policy cycle teaching module


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