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Our ambition is to put our ideas into practice. Therefore, we combine the services of a classical think tank with those of a consultancy: we conceive concepts, design projects and are taking care of their implementation. We concentrate on the political areas of education, innovation management in the public space and policy analysis.

Civic Education

Civic education is central to our educational services. We explain how democratic decisions come about and how governmental institutions are constructed. The participants shall learn about different forms of political participation and their importance for our societies. Our interactive seminars employ simulation games and combine computer-based and traditional learning components. We gladly customize our services to the needs and demands of our clients and adapt seminars or courses to a range of subject matters and formats.


Our civic education projects are supported by European and national institutions as well as by foundations. We provide a range of seminars and courses for teachers, trainers and other multipliers, adults and youngsters with an academic or vocational background. In general, we reach out for audiences that are usually neither reached nor targeted by civic education programmes.

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Simulation Games

Political simulation and role-plays are an essential element of our educational service. We offer schools, universities and other customers the possibility to perform simulation games specifically adapted to their target group, the group size and the individual framework conditions. We simulate the European legislative decision-making procedure and cover the policy-areas migration, agriculture and energy (Emissions Trading System).

Teachers’ Corner

In the Teachers’ Corner, you can find all information on a project’s organisation and content. Interested teachers and other multipliers can obtain detailed information on the projects, the methodological approaches and the learning material. Participating teachers can access and download documents for the implementation of the projects for an easy and efficient preparation of the events.

To the Teachers’ Corner

Innovation Management

We offer consulting for municipalities and their public administrations that seek to improve their services by using modern communication technologies and data analysis. We model business processes and integrate new approaches in traditional bureaucratic procedures in order to broaden the administration’s information base and to shorten communication channels. Our concepts highlight citizens’ participation in public decision-making processes.

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